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Jan/Feb 2018 - Project Update #5
Deerfield Road Project Range of Alternatives Complete

Did you know that 40% of the pavement structure along the Deerfield Road corridor is in failing condition? Continuing to resurface the nearly 50 year old roadway pavement is no longer a cost effective pavement management strategy and pavement reconstruction is needed. When a significant investment is made, like roadway reconstruction, a study of other roadway needs and associated impacts is conducted through a Phase I Engineering Study. The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is the lead agency for the Deerfield Road Phase I Engineering Study, and has identified the needs of this project to include capacity, safety, mobility, non-motorized and transit connections, and operational deficiencies (e.g. pavement condition). The project purpose and need is the first chapter of the Phase I Engineering report, called an Environmental Assessment, and can be found on the project website.

The project kicked off with a Public Meeting in November 2016. By the end of 2017, the team completed analyzing, and evaluating a full range of alternatives for improvements along the corridor and the termini intersections of Milwaukee Avenue and Saunders/Riverwoods Road. The main components of the alternative analysis and comparative evaluation include transportation performance, mobility, safety, environmental impacts, socio economic impacts, and cost.

The third Stakeholder Involvement Group meeting will be held in late January 2018. At that meeting, the project team will review and seek input on the range of alternatives and comparative evaluation analysis results. The meeting presentation will be posted in the Information Center in early February.

The next step in the Deerfield Road corridor project development process will be continued outreach to project stakeholders and to narrow down the range of alternatives. To that end, a second public meeting will be held this spring to seek public input on the finalist alternatives.

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Nov/Dec 2017 - Project Update #4
Technical Work Continuing on Deerfield Corridor Project
Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is leading a Phase I Engineering Study of Deerfield Road from the Milwaukee Avenue intersection to the Saunders/Riverwoods Road intersection.

Since the second Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) meeting in June 2017, the project team has been developing, analyzing, and evaluating a full range of alternatives for improvements along Deerfield Road. All of the alternatives being considered factor in the improvements being made at the Milwaukee Avenue intersection as part of the Woodman's development at the northwest and southwest quadrants.

The development, analysis and comparative evaluation of the range of alternatives is targeted for completion in November 2017, and generally consists of traffic modeling, safety analysis, concept design, impact assessment (socio economic and environmental), and cost. The range of alternatives will be compared relative to one another, including the no-build alternative, and evaluated for how each alternative meets the project Purpose and Need. A summary comparative evaluation table will be utilized to summarize the alternative evaluation and analysis results.

The third Stakeholder Involvement Group meeting is planned for January 2018. That meeting will focus on reviewing and screening the full range of alternatives. The second public information meet for the project will be held in spring 2018 to seek public input and comment on the finalist alternatives.

Visit the Information Center where all project related information including the most recent version of the Purpose and Need, full summaries of all Stakeholder Involvement Group Meetings and a Frequently Asked Questions document. Comments on the project are welcomed throughout the entire study and can be submitted to the project team. Finally, sign up to receive project notifications at each project milestone.

On Wednesday, June 28, 2017 the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) held the second Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) meeting, with 19 out of 23 SIG members attending. The project team provided an update on project progress since the last SIG meeting, reviewed the federal project development process (NEPA) this project is in, discussed the status of the Purpose and Need statement, reviewed the technical work completed to date and had discussion about the range of alternatives and alternative evaluation process and criteria. SIG members asked questions and provided input on the range of alternatives, design elements, and alternative evaluation criteria. All SIG #2 meeting materials, are available in the Information Center.

The project team will begin developing a full range of alternatives to be considered for the Deerfield Road corridor and intersections. Through the discussions at the second SIG meeting, the project team received valuable input to aide them developing a full range of alternatives. A specific process is followed to evaluate each alternative for transportation performance, mobility, non-motorized accommodations, safety, environmental resources, socio-economic resources, and cost. The full range of alternatives and the alternative evaluation will be presented to the SIG at the next meeting which is anticipated in Fall 2017.

The project team is nearing completion of the first stage of the project, the development of the Purpose and Need statement, which establishes a basis for developing a full range of alternatives (Stage Two). The Stakeholder Involvement Group has had the opportunity to review and comment on the preliminary Purpose and Need statement and the Purpose and Need statement is in the last stages of the approval process through the Federal Highway Administration. Once the Purpose and Need statement has been approved, it will be posted to the project website. One of the first steps in Stage Two of the project is to gather input and ideas on a full range of alternatives, which is the focus of the second Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) meeting. The overall objective of Stage Two is to determine all possible alternatives and subsequently proceed through a process of analysis, evaluation, alternative comparison, and elimination. The second SIG meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, 2017. The SIG presentation materials will be posted to the project website immediately following the meeting and any comments can be submitted through the project website.

On Thursday, March 2, 2017 the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) held the first Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) meeting. The project team provided a project overview, discussed the overall project development process and public involvement process, summarized the Public Information Meeting #1, and reviewed data collection and technical analysis completed thus far for inclusion in the preliminary Purpose and Need statement. SIG members provided input for consideration on additional issues and concern, identifying project goals and relative importance, and assisted with drafting a project problem statement. Input received from the SIG will be used by LCDOT and the project team to help develop the preliminary Purpose and Need, which is the first component of the Environmental Assessment. All SIG #1 meeting materials, including a summary of the meeting, are available in the Information Center.

The next SIG meeting is anticipated in Summer 2017, which will focus on an initial range of alternatives and a discussion of the alternative evaluation criteria.