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Project Background

The Deerfield Road study area is from Milwaukee Avenue on the west to Saunders/Riverwoods Road on the east, a distance of approximately 2 miles. The study area is within the municipal limits of the Village of Riverwoods between Milwaukee Avenue and Saunders/Riverwoods Road, the Village of Buffalo Grove west of Milwaukee Avenue, and the Village of Deerfield east of Saunders/Riverwoods Road. Deerfield Road crosses over the Des Plaines River east of Milwaukee Avenue. The Lake County Forest Preserve District (LCFPD) has two holdings adjacent to Deerfield Road near the Des Plaines River; Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area to the north and Cahokia Flatwoods to the south. The surrounding land is predominately commercial near the Milwaukee Avenue and Saunders/Riverwoods Road intersections, and mostly wooded and with single family homes between Milwaukee Avenue and Saunders/ Riverwood Road.

Map of Study Area

This project is led by the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) and began in the summer 2016.

The proposed scope of work will be determined through this Phase I Engineering and Environmental Study. The purpose of the study is to investigate capacity, safety, drainage, and non-motorized travel deficiencies, and to accommodate future travel demand for the year 2040. In addition to addressing roadway deficiencies, the Des Plaines River Bridge will be studied. A multi-use path is planned to connect the existing Buffalo Grove path on the southwest side of the Milwaukee Avenue intersection to the bike path bridge over the Des Plaines River, and ultimately to the existing Deerfield Road path on the northeast side of the Saunders/ Riverwoods Road intersection, as previously studied by the Village of Riverwoods and LCDOT.